Add Comp Listings to Matrix

New Matrix Feature- Enter Comp Listings

Bob JonesMember Update, MLS Articles

There is a way now to enter comp listings! Starting March 12th, comp listings will be available to enter for Residential, Land, Multi-Family, Farm or Rental. 

Here are the guidelines: 

  1. Comp listings are optional to enter.
  2. You must have been part of the transaction – you can’t enter the listing UNLESS you were part of the transaction as either the Listing or Buyer’s agent.
  3. All mandatory fields (including room sizes) must be entered into the listing.
  4. You must have at least one, exterior front photo.  More pictures are encouraged, but not mandatory.
  5. Listings will not syndicate outside the MLS.

Here’s how to enter a comp:

  • Go to Input 
  • Add New
  • Choose the correct form (Comp Residential, Comp Rental, Comp Farm, Comp Land, Comp Multi-Family)

The preferred method to enter the listing is through Realist (choose your county on the left and add your address) but you can still use “Start From Blank”.

Your Agent ID is automatically filled in for the List Agent ID, and will stay there until you submit the listing. Once you submit the listing, your ID changes to NONSPEC109 and your ID goes on the Sold Information Tab. If you have to save as incomplete, you will find the comp listings in your Incomplete listings.

The Sold Information needs to be entered. Your ID is entered as the Selling Agent ID.

After you click “Submit”, it should look like this:

Now, when conducting a search in the MLS and you want to include comparables, make sure to check the box that says “Include Comp-only listings” and make sure to check “sold” since the listings will go in as Sold listings.

Please be aware that when entering a comp, you can still get violation warnings for things such as bedroom sizes and photos. As always, if you want to update your square footage, you will need to submit a property validation form signed by you and the seller.

If you have any questions about adding comps into Matrix, please reach out to us at or 937-610-1467.