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Since 1909, we have been a resource for both buyers and sellers in the Dayton region.

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I'm honored to be able to call myself a REALTOR® because it qualifies me to be the best advocate for my friends and family looking to make owning a home a reality.
REALTORS® do not just buy and sell homes. They shape communities. I like knowing that I am directly involved in shaping the community I live and work in through advocating for homeowners.
Whether at home or in Washington, REALTORS® are advocating for homeowners and our industry. It's awesome to be a part of that.


Join the thousands of other Dayton region REALTORS® and get the resources you need for success.

- Access for you and your clients to the most accurate and up to date listings.
- Utilization of top technology products to better serve your buyers and sellers.
- Award-winning education from some of the countries top instructors.
- The chance to serve your industry and community on many association committees.
- Access to REALTOR®-only networking events and functions to grow your database of colleague connections.
- Advocacy and lobbying on your behalf at city halls, Columbus and in Washington through the REALTOR® Party.

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The Dayton Region is home to a variety of communities with a wide range of amenities

Dayton and the surrounding area is home to many thriving communities and real estate markets. Get the only accurate stats and data that a REALTOR® can provide you for your area today.

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