Instanet Quick Tip: Creating Transaction Templates

Bob JonesDABR Members Only

Do you want to work through Instanet faster? One of the great features of Instanet is the ability to gather checklists, contacts, forms, folders, and documents together and quickly call them up when you prepare a new transaction. All you need to do is create a template, and everything you frequently use will be a click away.

Here’s how to create a template:

Click on Setup (the icon that looks like 3 gears)
Select “Transaction Templates”
Click the “+ADD” button at the top right
Name your template and choose the type of listing and SAVE
Begin adding documents, DABR interactive forms and more by selecting the “+” icon and navigating to the file. Remember to click “SAVE”
Now when you are ready to create a transaction, you will see a “Templates” section. Simply choose the template you’d like and you’ll be off and running!