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December 2022 Real Estate Services Spotlight – Thrive Mortgage

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At Thrive Mortgage, our goal is to make the world a better place by turning houses into homes where families can live, love, and Thrive! 

Thrive Mortgage opened our doors to serve the Greater Dayton and Cincinnati markets in 2019, with offices in Downtown Dayton, Troy, and West Chester.  Our culture is our people and Thrive Mortgage has built a team of mortgage loan professionals and operations staff that is dedicated making the American Dream a reality for homebuyers in the Dayton Area!  Our professionals with 20+ years’ experience of helping families purchase the homes of their dreams combined with cutting-edge technology and innovative loan programs allow our customers a mortgage experience that is convenient, understandable, affordable, and streamlined.

Thrive Mortgage of the Greater Dayton area is lead by Market Leader, Mike Romano.  Branch Manager, Jason Reedy, and Sales Manager, Drew Huggins, lead a group of knowledgeable and experienced mortgage loan consultants throughout the Greater Dayton and Cincinnati area.  Our team of Andrea Share, Christina Wheeler-Wellman, Sandy Lockwood, Brent Oskey, Amy Jacoby, Danyelle Ratliff, Jennifer Farrell, and Tim Feller provide potential homebuyers with the knowledge and tools to be successful in their journey toward homeownership.  Regional Operations Manager, Kara Engle, and her team of Loan Processors, Underwriters, and Closers work diligently to provide borrowers with an efficient, timely, and stress-free loan closing process.

Thrive Mortgage offers all the traditional mortgage loan products, such as Conventional, FHA, VA, and USDA home loans to help first time homebuyers, move up homebuyers, or 2nd home and investment buyers.  Our Non-QM product offerings allow more relaxed guideline options for self-employed borrowers and investors looking to build a portfolio of rental properties.  Finally, our innovative Home2Home product allows homebuyers to not miss out on the home of their dreams if their current house is not sold yet.

Work with local mortgage experts dedicated to delivering efficient and effective communication throughout the entire mortgage loan process, as well as, providing your clients with a satisfying and smooth mortgage loan experience.  Choose Thrive Mortgage.

Alone we Dream, Together we Thrive!