Dayton Area Home Sales for July 2023

Dayton Area Home Sales for July 2023

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Sales of single-family and condominium units reported by Dayton REALTORS® in July saw more gains in sales prices, but the number of homes sold showed a slowdown for the month. July’s average sales price totaled $267,143, knocking last year’s figure out of the way by six percent. The median price also fared well at $240,000, up over seven percent from last year.

The 1,204 sales for July revealed a drop of over twenty-two percent from last year, reflecting the overall tightness of the economy and lack of available homes for sale. These sales produced a cumulative sales volume of over $321 million, a seventeen percent decrease from July 2022.

The year-to-date figures also shined a light on the realities of the current economy. The January-July average sales price increased four percent to $252,812, while the median price ticked up seven percent to $220,000. The cumulative sales price dropped twelve percent to almost $2 billion. The number of sales continued to decrease just as it has all year. The 7,868 units sold dropped sixteen percent from the 2022 year-to-date figures.

Listings submitted in the month of July also fell, with 1,609 entries, a fifteen percent decrease from last July’s 1,892. For the January-July period, 9,505 listings were entered, down nineteen percent when compared to last year.

2023 2022 % Change
Listings 1609 1892 -14.96%
Solds 1204 1551 -22.37%
Total Sale Price $321,640,534 $388,099,861 -17.12%
% Sale/List Price 100.00 100.00 0.00%
Median Sale Price $240,000 $223,500 7.38%
Average Sale Price $267,143 $250,226 6.76%
2023 2022 % Change
Listings 9505 11786 -19.35%
Solds 7868 9395 -16.25%
Total Sale Price $1,989,121,837 $2,275,943,219 -12.60%
% Sale/List Price 100 100 0.00%
Median Sale Price $220,000 $205,000 7.32%
Average Sales Price $252,812 $242,250 4.36%