Curb Appeal – A Vital Element to a Home Sale

Bob JonesGeneral News

There’s one in every neighborhood – the home that draws all eyes to it.  It’s got true character, and not just because of the lawn or the paint or the trees.  The combination of all these elements really gives it wonderful curb appeal.  From a real estate standpoint, curb appeal alone can go a long way toward selling a home and getting top dollar for it.

If you’re preparing to sell your home, there are a number of things that can be done to enhance the appearance and curb appeal that will draw more buyers and get you a higher dollar in a shorter time.  And since we’re talking curb appeal, let’s start there – at the curb.

As soon as buyers approach a home from the curb, the first thing they’ll have before them is the lawn.  A green and tidy lawn is a very important aspect of a well cared for home.  Maintaining a healthy lawn takes time and energy though; commodities that are often in short supply for busy homeowners.  Whether you choose to work on it yourself or hire a lawn maintenance service, now is the time of year to get the lawn looking its best.  Attacking weeds, fertilizing, and seeding now will promote a great-looking lawn all summer, and will increase your chance of a successful sale.

Landscaping is also essential for sprucing up the appearance of your home.  You might be surprised how much better the overall appearance of your yard and house looks just by taking some trimmers to the bushes and hedges along the house.  Also, a fresh bed of mulch is a must and will really make a yard stand out. And don’t forget about color – plant a few annuals for an immediate splash of color.  The minimal cost of plants can really make a difference in the salability of the property.  In addition to attracting butterflies, you might just attract more buyers!

Of course, the first place people enter your home should be very welcoming. The front door and porch area should be kept clean, and the surface of the door should be free of scratches and dings. A simple coat of paint around the doorframe and door can make a world of difference in earning that first great impression.

If you’re seeking to enhance the curb appeal of your home, remember: don’t neglect your roof. A roof in need of repair could be a serious deterrent to a quick sale.

Don’t be tempted to limit roof repairs to cosmetic work.  Cutting corners in this manner could be disastrous if a home inspection finds the roof to be worn and old.

Cracked, curled or missing shingles signal that the roof is past its prime. To spot problems, circle the house with a pair of field glasses for a closer look. However, for your safety and to protect the shingles, it is wise not to go up on the roof. If you see signs of trouble, contact a professional roofing service.

The following information on selecting a reputable roofer may be of help to you:

  • Select a company that is established in the community and is willing to provide names of previous customers.
  • Obtain more than one written estimate for comparison. Remember: quality is equally as important as price.
  • Before signing a contract, be certain it specifies the work to be done, materials to be used, completion dates, warranties, etc.

Investing in a roof repair is a wise decision that can significantly boost your home’s salability. It is a key home improvement and putting it off will only make problems more costly to repair and could ultimately delay the sale of your home.

Follow these tips and your home will draw not only eyes to it, but buyers as well. For more tips on preparing your home for sale, contact a Realtor today.